Designation and address
Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University,
Madhavaram Milk Colony, Chennai-600 051.

M.V.Sc. (Veterinary Pathology), Ph.D. (Veterinary Pathology)
PG Diploma in Agricultural Journalism, PG Diploma in Ethnoveterinary Practices

T : +91-44-25551574
M: +91-9444550993

Fields(s) of specialization
Majoring field : Veterinary Pathology
Specializing field : Avian Mycotoxicoses/ Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Cancer Biology-Clinical, experimental
Researcher ID
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Current Projects
  • Ayush project on "Therapeutic efficacy of Rasaganthi Mezhugu (RGM) in 7-12 Dimethyl Benzanthracene (DMBA) induced mammary tumors in rats" as Principal Investigator funded by Dept. of Ayush, Govt. of India project.
Completed Projects
Project title Role in the project Fund outlay Funding agency
Referral Laboratory for Diagnostic Histopathology & Cytology (2010 - 2015) Principal Investigator

10.00 Self-Financing Scheme
Therapeutic efficacy and toxicity studies of Nandhi mezhagu and cancergajkesari in 7-12 dimethyl benzanthracene induced mammary tumors in rats Co-Principal Investigator

9.32 AYUSH, GoI
Evaluation of usefulness of the herbal drug PROSAW in the management of benign prostatic enlargement in dogs

Co-Principal Investigator

0.35 Indian Herbs
Efficacy of toxin binders against aflatoxin, ochratoxin T-2 toxin and citrinin in broiler feeding Project

Co-Principal Investigator


Evaluation of usefulness of the herbal drug NEPHROLIV in the management of nephritis in dogs

Co-Principal Investigator


Indian Herbs
Study on the efficacy of herbal mixture Aristolochia indica and Luffa acutangula in the treatment of chronic mastitis Co-Principal Investigator


Recent Research Publications
  1. Tirumurugaan Krishnaswamy, Gopalan, Pradheepa Gururaj, Ravi Gupta, Dhinakar Raj Gopal, Preeti Rajesh, Balachandran Chidambaram, Aravindan Kalyanasundaram and Raja Angamuthu.2014.Transcriptome profiling reveals higher vertebrate orthologous of intra-cytoplasmic pattern recognition receptors in Grey Bamboo shark. PLOS ONE, 9 (6): e 100018.
  2. Anandakumar C, Lavanya V, Pradheepa G, Tirumurugaan K. G, Raja A, Dhinakar Raj G, Pazhanivel N and Balachandran C. 2012. Expression Profile of Toll-like Receptor 2 mRNA in Selected Tissues of Shark (Chiloscyllium sp.). Fish and Shellfish Immunology, 33: 1174-1182.
  3. Sathish Gopal, Parthiban Manoharan, Kumanan Kathaperumal, Balachandran Chidambaram and Kurunchi C Divya. 2012. Differential detection of avian oncogenic viruses in Poultry Layer Farms and Turkeys by use Multiplex PCR. Journal of Clinical Microbiology: 50(8): 2668-2673.
  4. Vignesh, A.R., S Dhanasekaran, G Dhinnakar Raj, C Balachandran, N Pazhanivel, C Sreekumar, K G Tirumurugaan, A Raja and K Kumanan. 2012. Transcription profiling of pattern recognition receptors in a semi-domesticated breed of buffalo, Toda, of India. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology, 147: 51-59.
  5. Thangapandiyan, M. and C. Balachandran. 2010. Cytological evaluation of canine lymphadenopathies – a review of 109 cases. Veterinarski Arhiv, 80 (4): 499-508.
  6. Thiagarajan Hemalatha, Chidambaram Balachandran, Bhathavatsalam Murali Manohar, Mohamemd Nayeem, Samu Subramaniam, Hari S. Hema and Regarajulu Puvanakrishnan. 2010. Myocardial expression of PDECGF with extracellular matrix remodeling in experimental myocardial infarction in rats. Biochemistry and Cell Biology, 88: 491-503.
  7. Raja, A., G. Dhinakar Raj., P. Bhuvaneswari, C. Balachandran and K. Kumanan. 2009. Detection of virulent Marek's disease virus in poultry in India. Acta Virologica, 53: 255-260.
  8. Vinothini, G., C. Balachandran and S. Nagini. 2009. Evaluation of molecular markers in canine mammary tumors: Correlation with histological grading. Oncology Research, 18(5-6): 193-201.
  9. Kalaivani Ganesan, Chidambaram Balachandran, Bhakthavatsalam Murali Manohar and Regarajulu Puvanakrishnan. 2008. Comparative studies on the interplay of testosterone, estrogen and progesterone in collagen induced arthritis in rats. Bone, 43(4): 758-765.
  10. Kumaraguruparan, R., D. Karunagara, C. Balachandran, B. Murali Manohar and S. Nagini. 2006. Of humans and canines: A comparative evaluation of heat shock and apoptosis-associated proteins in mammary tumors. Clinica Chimica Acta, 365: 168-176.
Honours & Awards
  • Sixty awards including Fellow of FAO, NAVSc (I), ASAW & IAVP, Chartered Member & Diplomate ICVP, best oral/poster presentations, papers published, PhD avian research- University Gold medalist, PhD student got ICAR JL Nehru Award

  • Technology transferred: Nipple aspirate fluid cytology for early diagnosis of canine mammary tumour

Positions Held

Positions held


Dean, Madras Veterinary College
11.04.2015 to date
Dean incharge, Madras Veterinary College
08.01.2015 to 10.04.2015
Professor and Head, Dept. Veterinary Pathology, MVC

22.06.2013 to 10.04.2015

Registrar, Director of Research i/c TANUVAS

01.06.2013 to 21.06.2013

Registrar, TANUVAS

01.06.2010 to 31.05.2013

Professor and Head, Dept. Veterinary Pathology MVC

09.08.2006 to 31.05.2010

Professor and Head, Centralised Clinical Laboratory, MVC 

13.12.1999 to 08.08.2006

Professor, Plan Scheme on Animal Health Surveillance Unit/ Central University Laboratory Centre for Animal Health Studies, Chennai

10.01.1996 to 12.12.1999

Associate Professor, Plan Scheme on Animal Health Surveillance Unit/Central University Laboratory, Centre for Animal Health Studies, Chennai

22.09.1995 to 09.01.1996

Associate Professor, Dept. Pathology, VCRI, Namakkal

14.09.1990 to 21.09.1995

Associate Professor, Dept. of Pathology, MVC

26.11.1989 to 13.09.1990

Associate Professor, Dept. VCRI, Namakkal

16.09.1988 to 25.11.1989

Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology, Veterinary College and Research Institute (VCRI), Namakkal

28.02.1987 to 15.09.1988

Assistant Professor, Plan Scheme on Electron microscopic & Ultrastructural Studies on Nasal Polyps in Man & Animals, MVC 

01.08.1983 to 27.02.1987

Assistant Professor, Plan Scheme on Quality Control and Animal Feed Analytical Division, Madras Veterinary College (MVC), Chennai

16.12.1981 to 31.07.1983

Assistant Professor, Poultry Research and Development Centre, Namakkal

03.12.1980 to 15.12.1981