Capacity building of teachers in e-learning and creation of e-learning module

To create interactive multimedia e-Learning modules for the BVSc & AH courses as per the syllabi stipulated by the Veterinary Council of India


  • Identification of two faculty members, one from TANUVAS and another from institutions other than TANUVAS, as content developers (as resource persons for content creation), for each of 79 courses offered in BVSc & AH programme under Veterinary Council of India (VCI) pattern
  • Capacity building of teachers - Training of the identified teachers (course content developers) of TANUVAS on orientation training and on e-content development and multimedia development
  • Content development and converting them into e-learning modules for all the courses (with the required text, pictures, diagrams, quizzes, FAQs, animations and other audio and video clippings needed)
  • Assessment of the course contents and the e-modules by the chosen PG students (three students for each course)
  • Peer review of the contents and the e-modules developed for each course by two external experts / subject matter specialists of the concerned discipline

Creation of shareable learning resources

To create a shareable repository of learning resources in veterinary and animal sciences


  • Use of the content and e-modules developed to serve as the base material upon which the multimedia content to be created
  • Value addition to the e-contents with the following:
    1. HTML based content with hyperlinks
    2. Animations
    3. Images / audios
    4. Video clippings of techniques / procedures
    5. Interactive multimedia
    6. Questions and tests at the end of each lesson and module
    7. Case studies related to course

Delivery of e-learning modules

To deliver the modules developed online (web) and offline (CD / DVD) so as to reach out to even the less endowed institutions/ faculty/ students


  • Initial hosting of e-Courses in the server facilities at TANUVAS to facilitate wider access by all veterinary institutions / NARS institutes across the country until the National Data Center is ready
  • Hosting of the e-Courses in the server of National Data Center
  • Mirroring of these to TANUVAS server for enabling content updation from time to time
  • Delivery of the e-Courses and updates available at TANUVAS to all veterinary institutions / NARS institutes across the country
  • Provision of web based content delivery with LMS (leaning management system) main mode and access to all teachers for updating e-contents
  • Delivery of the e-Courses through secondary mass storage modes such as CDs and DVDs

Empowering teachers to use e-learning modules

To promote learning effectiveness through empowering teachers with more effective tutoring skills


  • Continuous training to all the faculty members of the University to effectively make use of the developed e-Learning modules to ensure efficient teaching by teachers and effective learning by students
  • Offering similar training to the faculty members of other needy veterinary institutions across the country on cost basis


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