To meet the manpower requirement of the poultry industry, the Department of Poultry Science was started in the Madras Veterinary College in the year 1970.


  • To impart teaching for Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral Programmes.
  • To conduct research programmes for M.V.Sc., and Ph.D., Scholars Farm advisory services.



Undergraduate courses were offered from 1978 onwards. Under the present VCI pattern, the following number of courses are being offered.

  • LPM 211-Avian production management (1+1)
  • LPM 221-Commercial poultry production and hatchery management (1+1)
  • LPM 222-(Regional interest) Diversified poultry production and current concepts in poultry management and marketing (1+1)

PG Education

M.V.Sc. Programme was started in 1972, while Ph.D. in 1977. So far, 89 students have completed their M.VSc. degree and 44 students have completed their Ph.D. degree from this department. Presently there are 4 Doctoral students and 10 M.V.Sc students are pursuing their respective degree programmes.

  • PSC 601 Poultry breeding and genetics (2+1)
  • PSC 602 Poultry nutrition and feeding (2+1)
  • PSC 603 Commercial layer production (2+1)
  • PSC 604 Commercial broiler production (2+1)
  • PSC 605 Breeder stock, flock health and hatchery management (3+1)
  • PSC 606 Management of poultry other than chicken (2+1)
  • PSC 607 Poultry products technology and marketing (2+1)
  • PSC 608 Poultry economics, projects and marketing (2+1)
  • PSC 609 Physiology of poultry production (2+1)


  • PSC 701 Applied poultry nutrition (2+1)
  • PSC 702 Concepts in commercial poultry production (2+1)
  • PSC 703 Developments in poultry products technology (2+1)
  • PSC 704 Emerging diseases of poultry and flock health (2+1)
  • PSC 705 Advanced poultry breeding methods (2+1)
  • PSC 706 Poultry economics, marketing and integration (2+1)
PG Diploma Distance Mode Programme - PG Diploma in Diversified Poultry Production (PGDDPP)


In association with Institute of Poultry Production and Management (IPPM), formerly Poultry Research Station (PRS), this department has completed 67 research projects, including:

  • Transfer of Technology on Layers funded by Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India.
  • Transfer of Technology on Broilers funded by Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India.
  • Private Sector Partnerships in Poultry Production and Marketing in India funded by F.A.O.
  • Agroforestry products in livestock and poultry feeds funded by Indian Council of Agricultural Research.
  • Broiler housing and management funded by Indian Council of Agricultural Research.
  • A.I.C.R.P. on poultry for meat funded by Indian Council of Agricultural Research.
  • Duck breeding scheme funded by Indian Council of Agricultural Research.
  • Lighting Requirement of Poultry funded by Indian Council of Agricultural Research.
  • Tenderisation of spent chicken meat funded by Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

Ongoing Research Programme

  • Experiential Learning Programme -'Broiler Production in Environmentally Controlled House and Post Harvest Technology'


  • This department has offered 95 training programmes for employed and unemployed persons in poultry farming and trained 1460 entrepreneurs so far, of whom many have started their own poultry farms and have secured jobs within and outside the country.
  • Giving technical advice to poultry farmers on various aspects of poultry farm management.

Seminar/Workshop/Training Conducted

  • 1983 - Indian Poultry Science Association Conference (IPSACON)
  • 1996 - National Poultry Symposium
  • 2000 - Indian Poultry Science Association Conference (IPSACON)
  • 2004 - ICAR Winter School on "Production of Organic and Functional eggs and meats and preservation of poultry fast foods at room temperature"
  • 2010 – National Seminar on "Emerging opportunities in alternate farming systems"
  • 2010 – XXVII Annual Conference and National Symposium of Indian Poultry
    Science Association (IPSACON). Theme: Novel Technologies to mitigate climate change on Poultry production


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